Chilling and catching the waves

☀ duck lore ☀

  • I go by Kenny, Ducc, and username/nicknames!

  • Really diggin the sea and the creatures within it lol

  • I love to design characters and do lil interactive pieces!

  • Have a tendency to make typos and use !!! ??? a lot

☀ Interests ☀

  • Summer vibes, the sea breeze and the salty flavours of the ocean

  • Golden accents accompanying red, blue and purple

  • Sweet drinks, especially milk tea, milo and sweet ice tea

  • Tamagotchi-aesthetic; virtual pets, LED screens, grid patterns

  • Clerics going berserker mode

  • Big buff pals who are actual softies

  • Local horror stories, urban legends and superstitions

  • ARPG groups with funky world lore

Siren song take me away